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CUSTOM-MADE Bloch Design fireplaces provide a complete experience, with designs that redefine the fireplace entirely. Whether inspired from existing projects or from one’s own imagination, the possibilities are infinite. The company’s aim was to modernize fireplace design, aesthetic, functionality and materials to fully integrate indoor or outdoor spaces. Carefully handcrafted Bloch Design constructs fireplaces for […]

Make your dream come true: exclusive luxury fireplaces

BLOCH DESIGN was featured this month in the special Passover / Easter holidays edition of “Itsuv” Design Magazine in Israel, recommended by Rina Ben Yehuda, who also reported about our bespoke fireplaces on Channel 13, prime time morning show earlier this year. The article is titled “Make your dream come true: exclusive luxury fireplaces”… Full […]

BLOCH DESIGN от Рины Бен Иегуда

BLOCH DESIGN была рада, что ее порекомендовала Рина Бен Иегуда на израильском канале 13, утреннем шоу в прайм-тайм 11 января 2021 года.    

Now is a good time for fireplaces

Although the doors of our showrooms are closed, and international worksite visits and meetings on hold, we are open and looking forward to touching base, on hand to help with your fireplace projects. Working from home is the new trend… In times of uncertainty, your home remains the safest of all places so make it […]

In time of Coronavirus…

In times of uncertainty marked with another virus outbreak, added to stressing work environments, a home remains the place of safety, comfort, peace and wellness. So why not spend more time at home and invest in making it more pleasing, fitting your personality and lifestyle so to call it home sweet home… There is nothing […]

Kitchen Fireplaces

The kitchen is a warm and inviting place so why not having one of the centerpieces of a home, usually found in a living-room, right in the middle of a kitchen? Give your kitchen a sizzling makeover by integrating a fireplace that will add such a cozy ambiance to the heart of your home. A […]

Chalet fireplaces

A fireplace is an integral part, the centerpiece of a mountain interior design whether in an apartment, a studio, a chalet, a restaurant, a hotel or a SPA. Wood or/and gas (in some cases ethanol or even electric…) a fireplace in a chalet will be the centerpiece, the gathering place offering its guests relaxing and convivial moments in […]

Luxury Fireplace

Light the fire and sit comfortably in front of the fireplace, watch the flames and see the logs creak in the hearth while squeezing languidly near your half, reading, enjoying your friends or simply by contemplating this fire show … what more can you ask for? A fireplace provides so much fun – not to mention […]

Modern fireplace design

The modern fireplace is an essential element of the interior decoration of all styles of homes and other private places such as public, contemporary or classic. This essential element that gives our interiors a luxurious and cozy atmosphere, whatever the season, takes nowadays very varied forms: integrated into the wall of a room, serving as […]

Suspended Fireplaces

Bold, refined, modern and airy, central, mural or on the cob, the suspended fireplace is the ultimate in designer fireplace. Open or closed hearth, it is as aesthetic as practical. Bloch Design offers an inexhaustible selection of suspended fireplaces with a unique and custom design, entirely made and assembled by hand to ensure a neat […]

Fireplaces and the festivals of lights

Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of Lights is observed by lighting candles of a Hanukkiah (chandelier) each night, one additional candle is lit by the shamash until all eight candles are lit together on the final night of the holiday. The Hanukkiah is placed by the window or why not on a fireplace?! December 8 is synonym of […]

Frank Lloyd Wright Fireplaces

One of the most illustrious architects of the 20th century, Frank Lloyd Wright – who’s 150th birthday is this year – designed more than one thousand fireplaces and hearths each showing the versatility and uniqueness of his designs. Frank Lloyd Wright understood the very essence of what a fireplace represents. The thought of a fireplace […]

Fireplaces for movie sets

Fireplaces have always been a centrepiece of any home,  inspiring feelings of comfort, warmth, and safety. They are often used in TV shows, series and films to add these connotations to the scene they are presented in. Whether the movie be a Christmas classic or a sci-fi apocalypse flick, fireplaces are as much a part of […]

Sheraton Hotel Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

The Asado Steakhouse restaurant of the Oman Sheraton in Muscat was recently open to the public following a festive inauguration. The decoration, with the Bloch Design suspended glass fireplace in particular as a centrepiece along with the delicious food and good service offer guests a unique and memorable experience. Such round fireplaces are among the latest trends involving minimalistic, clean lines, timeless […]

Glass Fireplaces by Bloch Design

“Glass Fireplaces by Bloch Design” published in Luxe High Life Magazine, Dublin, Ireland. Nothing makes a home more cosy and “homely” than a fireplace, especially one that also looks like a piece of architectural art. The price start from $20,000 varies with customizable specification. Bloch Designs offer glass fireplaces and contemporary furniture made from a variety […]

Draw me a fireplace …

Fireplace Design Competition for Children Lyon – the capital of gastronomy and birthplace of Antoine de Saint Exupery –  celebrates the “Fête des Lumières” on December 8 as it does every year since 1643. Other light festivals will be celebrated this month such as Hannukah (Jewish Festival of lights), Arashiyama in Japan, Diwali in India, […]

Fabulous fireplaces to cosy up your chilly home

As soon as summer was over we started to think ahead to the cold winter months. With those thoughts came wonderful images of warm fires and snuggly afternoons spent on the sofa. We don’t think we’re the only ones either, as interior designers everywhere are busy creating warm wonderlands for clients and we’ve been really impressed by […]

lareiras para o aquecer nos dias mais frios

Envidraçada é uma obra de arte Uma lareira cheia de modernidade e design. Funde-se perfeitamente no ambiente, graças à sua estrutura em vidro. Quando a lareira está acesa, sem dúvida que esta se torna a rainha do espaço e a peça central desta sala. Inovações e designs que não deixam de nos surpreender…

Round fireplaces

Round fireplaces are among the latest trends involving minimalistic, clean lines, timeless materials and the utmost in beauty and efficiency. Enjoy such a beautiful round fireplace design element in a room, making your fireplace the centrepiece open on 360 degrees without any visible obstruction. These sculptural pieces of iconic design are as much an investment in art as […]

Trendy Ways to Draw Attention to Fireplaces

Fireplaces have the ability to draw in people around them and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.  They provide not only warmth, but a central location within a home to gather around and unwind.  What’s better than sipping a glass of wine or a cup of tea in front of an inviting fireplace after toiling […]

Fireplaces for Handicapped

We are all physically disabled at some time in our lives. A child, a person with a broken leg, a parent with a pram, an elderly person, etc. are all disabled in one way or another. Those who remain healthy and able-bodied all their lives are few. As far as the built-up environment is concerned, […]

The heat of the moment

The heat of the moment by Kate Watson-Smyth of the Financial Times of London, UK. Room-heating options are broader and bolder than ever. Nowadays heating says as much about your design credentials as your choice of wallpaper: from fireplaces made with metal coils to radiators shaped like animals, the latest creations look more like works of […]

пирамидальные камины

Взвешенные стекла пирамидальные камины проекты Блох Design, предлагая элегантность, прозрачность, ясность и роскошь вашего интерьера. Кроме того, их четкие и открытые проекты будут давать немедленную и разнонаправленного тепловую мощность. Пирамидальные камины могут быть расположены в середине комнаты, используемой в качестве разделения между двумя комнатами, на ровном полу, в лестнице или шаг, как показано ниже.   […]

fire at all angles

Bloch-Design has created the most stunning and gorgeous fireplace that can be enjoyed from any angle. The fireplace is contained inside a glass enclosure, tempting any viewer to linger and stare at its beauty. Stylish and contemporary, the Glass Fireplace comes in a triangular or rectangular shape, with the option of clear or smokey glass. […]

Открытый камин

Outdoor fireplace design will inspire you to find what the most suitable outdoor fireplace for your garden, park or penthouse. Outdoor fireplaces in the garden, backyard patio or deck, near the pool will give you many benefits. You do not have to worry about the cold or cool weather any time of the year, just enjoy the outdoor scenery […]

Bespoke fireplaces

After a long day at work, there is nothing like coming into a warm, cosy room and just relaxing for the rest of the evening in the front of your own bespoke fireplace. All of our fireplaces are entirely custom designed and handcrafted according to your instructions, tastes and wishes, taking into account your interior, whether private home […]

Fireplace for luxury living room

The design of a living-room allows to reveal the style of a home,  to know luxurious, sober, or trendy. When we decide to create luxury in our living room, not much is required, but we need to properly arrange the different elements that we selected for our design. The living room, dining room, the kitchen or the bathroom, can be […]

The modern fireplace

Modern Fireplaces have become the must of common parts of a home such as the living room and dinning room, in the kitchen, bedrooms and even a bathroom. Fireplaces have been an integral part of the house for long now but nowadays underwent major cosmetic changes in order to fit and complete current trends, styles, and their environments. What strikes you in a […]


Стенные камины можно называть “классическими”, поскольку именно такие камины получили наиболее широкое распространение по всему миру. Создавая современные камины, мы предлагаем новое прочтение этого типа камина во всей бесконечности уникальных и роскошных проектов. Стенные камины могут быть интегрированы во все виды внутренних архитектурных решений и отделки: они могут быть установлены вплотную к стене или встроены […]

Standing Fireplace

From traditional designs to see-through centerpieces, a Bloch Design standing fireplace will transform your home and warm your heart. A freestanding fireplace can function on wood, gas or ethanol, and according to their design and setting, can have direct vertical or horizontal flue, or underground vent system allowing an extraordinary standing fireplace design. A standing fireplace […]

Дизайн Олимпийского факела

Олимпийский огонь или Олимпийский факел – это символы Олимпийских игр, как летних, так и зимних. Символизируя собой поступок Прометея, укравшего огонь у Зевса и подарившего этот огонь людям, факел и традиция его зажигания ведут свою историю со времен Древней Греции, где огонь горел на протяжении всего празднования древних Олимпийских игр. Эта традиция была возобновлена в […]


Подвесные камины очень эффектно выглядят и могут совершенно преобразовать ваш интерьер, добавив в него элегантность, характер и стиль и, конечно, больше света и великолепия – особенно это касается подвесных каминов, выполненных из стекла. Подвесные камины выполняются обычно в минималистическом исполнении, придавая потрясающий креативный акцент современному интерьеру помещения. Наши подвесные камины смогут стать центром притяжения в […]

Виды каминов

Поздней осенью и зимой, когда на улице становится темно уже в пять вечера, мечта многих жителей квартир и домов – сесть перед камином, закутаться в плед и заниматься своими любимыми делами. Камин – это квинтэссенция уюта и домашнего тепла в доме. Наличие камина в доме добавляет в интерьер классический образ домашнего очага, за которым по […]

Зависший в воздухе

«Звезда» зала – это, несомненно, стеклянная пирамида. Лишенная дополнительного убранства, она поражает своей легкостью и воздушностью. Играющим пламенем можно наслаждаться из любого места в комнате.

Стеклянный колпак

Этот проект выглядит просто потрясающе! Огонь находится в стеклянном колпаке, который приковывает к себе взгляд, не позволяя пройти мимо него, не задержавшись. Пламя камина обрамляет пирамида, хотя она может иметь и другую форму, в зависимости от выбранной модели.  Само стекло также выбирается по вкусу: от прозрачного до затемненного разнообразных оттенков.    

A fireplace increases property value

Regardless of the architecture, style and size of a property, fireplaces are certain to remain a major asset. In a survey recently conducted, real estate agents said that it was a huge drawback if an old house had had its fireplaces removed. They stressed that fireplaces had to be in keeping with the house for them to add real value. […]

Fireplace by the sea

There is nothing like relaxing in front of a fireplace, with a glass of wine or a hot chocolate and a book in the evening after a day on the ski slopes or after at work in the winter season. But fireplaces are no longer exclusively for winter use; their designs have changed and they are […]

Mountain fireplace

A fireplace is an integral part, the centerpiece of a mountain interior design whether in an apartment, a studio, a chalet, a restaurant, a hotel or a SPA. Wood or gas, a mountain fireplace will be the centerpiece, the gathering place offering its guests relaxing and convivial moments in a warm and romantic atmosphere. After a day out on […]

Summer nights by the fireplace

A crackling fireplace gives the feeling of peace, comfort and warmth like nothing else. No one that is romantic would want to miss out on the warm atmosphere of a cozy night spent in front of the fireplace. A fireplace is really the most comforting place that you can spend time with the ones that […]

Филипп Старк камин баккара камин

Rigor and architectural creativity, purity of lines and the selection of noble materials are watchwords of the custom designed contemporary pieces of art, then installed on location by a team of traditional fitters, from Azerbaijian of the United States, from Morocco to Sweden via Paris. The name of Bloch Design is credited for the lavish […]

Fireplace relooking in an Italian Palace

There are many ways to improve your home. One of them is a fireplace remodel. The fireplace is one of the coziest, visible, and practical areas of your home. There is also more than one-way to remodel a fireplace, and by considering the current condition of your fireplace and its use, you will be able […]

Fire & Ice: mountain fireplaces

Over the years, fireplaces have lost their initial use. Originally they were used to warm up a room. Nowadays this is a secondary effect of using a fireplace. The main reason why fireplaces have remained very popular is their ability to create cozy, warm and inviting atmospheres. In a way, they still warm up the […]

Light my fireplace!

One of people’s favorite indoor activities, especially in the fall and winter, is spending time next to a warm and cozy fireplace fire. Nothing more romantic than snuggling up to your partner in front of a glowing fire, nothing more relaxing than coming home from a long day of work or outside and sitting in […]

Outdoor fireplaces & the “brasero” of Ravel

Braseros and outdoor fireplaces will beautify any outdoor living space, creating an inviting atmosphere that can enjoyed with warmth, light and conviviality.  Braseros are very pleasant, practical and easy to use, and they will add ambiance to your evenings in the garden, on the patio or next to your pool. They usually are designed to be fuelled […]