Draw me a fireplace …

Fireplace Design Competition for Children

Lyon – the capital of gastronomy and birthplace of Antoine de Saint Exupery –  celebrates the “Fête des Lumières” on December 8 as it does every year since 1643.

Other light festivals will be celebrated this month such as Hannukah (Jewish Festival of lights), Arashiyama in Japan, Diwali in India, the Lantern Festival in China and in a way Christmas with its illuminations.

Bloch Design is organizing the 1rst Children Fireplace Design Competition open to all children 12 years of age and under to celebrate Festivals of Lights from around the world.

Wherever you are on earth, whatever your culture or language, you can send in a picture (jpeg / tiff / pdf) of your own design before February 5, 2017. The winner will be announced in early March 2017.

A selection of the designs submitted  to us will be published on bloch-design.com  and posted on our social media.

The winner will see her or his design selected to come to life with a prototype exhibited in our showroom and presented to the media.

This unique fireplace will then be given to a children’s hospital.

Please send 1 file per entry including you name, age, address / country, number, email, along with a few words describing your work: [email protected]

Make sure to include Children Fireplace Design Competition in the subject box.
Good luck to all





* The submitted drawings do not entail any rights to their authors and representatives, renouncing any claim.