In the story of the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the little prince asked: “If you please, draw me a sheep…” we will draw you a fireplace according to your own ideas, tastes and wishes. You can also send us sketches, drawings or plans you may have done already so we can start off your project or realize it as it was designed by you!

This way you will be the designer of a truly unique and exclusive fireplace.

With over 30 years experience in exclusive bespoke fireplaces, Bloch Design has become the reference when it comes to custom-designed and hand-crafted contemporary fireplaces. Designing unique contemporary fireplaces for private homes, apartments, chalets, hotels, restaurants, yachts, embassies and stores worldwide, we always work directly with our clients wherever they are, often together with their designer and architects.

We often work together with designers, architects or artists, and their clients and know how to work remotely with multi parties and organize sessions so we can include all elements and plan accordingly to deliver exactly what you expect from us and make your own bespoke fireplace a reality.

Throughout the years, we had the privilege to be solicited, work together and establish ties with world-renowned designers, architects and interior designers and their teams. However, the fireplace designer can be you! Let us help you realize your project according to your original design or idea.