The modern fireplace

Modern Fireplaces have become the must of common parts of a home such as the living room and dinning room, in the kitchen, bedrooms and even a bathroom. Fireplaces have been an integral part of the house for long now but nowadays underwent major cosmetic changes in order to fit and complete current trends, styles, and their environments.

What strikes you in a modern fireplace is its contemporary design in line with the aesthetic trends of our time. The major development of the fireplace besides its shapes and materials, are the setting and location of the modern fireplace that can be recessed into the wall, single or double sided, suspended which gives it a special charm and a greater presence in its environment.

We exclusively design and handcraft our fireplaces making each one truly unique.
Modern fireplaces can be designed for any location: central fireplace, fireplace detached from the wall, fireplace in the middle of a room, a fireplace near a pillar, structure, etc. or can be used as a separation between two rooms.

Corner fireplace: as its name suggests, this fireplace is placed in a corner of a room either inside corner or outside corner.

Wall fireplace: a wall fireplace is either applied against a wall, or it is inserted inside a wall with a decorated frame or mantel around it.

Double-sided fireplace: A double-sided fireplace is integrated into a wall with two openings or views on the fire, for example between a living room and a dinning room, between a room and a bathroom or between the interior and outdoor of a home.

Hanging fireplace: suspended from the ceiling, this type of fireplace is popular and generates a great attraction for lovers of contemporary interiors.

A modern fireplace can designed in any setting in a home, in any design, size or material, both inside or outside.