central fireplaces

CV033aCentral fireplaces are true sculptures, looking spectacular and timeless, bringing elegance, character and style to any architectural interior. Central fireplaces function with wood, gas (and with ethanol or silk flames in some cases); they can be open, closed, multi sided, rotating, etc.

Central fireplaces are usually located in the center of a room or near corners, and are often use to create a separation, for example between a living and dinning area, or in a larger room.

Their designs are rather minimalist for the most part, adding a creative and stunning accent to contemporary interior.

We often design our central fireplaces using metal upper hood and base, and using glass panel for the main hood to let light and transparency. This way the fireplace is present in the room without visual obstruction of the scenery and space, making it a centerpiece in your home, a fire work of art adding personality to your interior design and decor.


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