Bespoke fireplaces

After a long day at work, there is nothing like coming into a warm, cosy room and just relaxing for the rest of the evening in the front of your own bespoke fireplace. All of our fireplaces are entirely custom designed and handcrafted according to your instructions, tastes and wishes, taking into account your interior, whether private home or public, making them exclusively unique fireplace projects. If you have your own fireplace design idea, let us know so we can offer you our expertise to produce your own exclusive designed bespoke fireplace.

Our gas, wood-burning and ethanol fireplaces can be designed for any configurations, such as a central fireplace – suspended or free-standing, a wall fireplace, a two-sided and corner fireplace, a fire that is open on three sides, a double sided tunnel fireplace, and much more.

Within our bespoke gas fireplaces, we can offer distinctive burner styles for a more traditional flame, using among the most technologically advanced gas burners available that can be designed to a specified length. Alternatively, we can also offer linear fireplaces or “dancing flames” creating a contemporary, minimalistic look, and available in any length.

We have had the privilege to be solicited, work together and establish ties with world-renowned designers, architects and interior designers and their teams, creating bespoke fireplaces that fit their client’s vision, with their own “finger print”.