Bloch Design is the high-end fireplace specialist, designing unique contemporary fireplaces for private homes, apartments, chalets, hotels, restaurants, lounges, stores, yachts and embassies worldwide.

We are a rather small business dedicated to exclusive and innovative designs and all the fireplaces are custom-designed, hand-crafted in our workshops, inspected and tested before they leave for their final destinations.

Our bespoke fireplaces function on wood or/and gas (bio-ethanol or electric in some cases), exceeding any codes, standards and regulations as we adjust to them! All structures are double coated allowing any size, setting, options, finish, and materials (metal, granite, wood, leather, cristal, etc.) as well as inlays of precious materials.

Throughout the past years, Bloch Design had the privilege to be solicited, work together and establish ties with world-renowned designers, architects and interior designers and their teams.

Bloch Design was founded nearly thirty years ago by Ingrid and Jean-Francis Bloch with a passion for art, design, and architecture. Bloch Design is the alternative to the common standard fireplace, proposing clients with unlimited designs, innovative technical solutions and a wide range of materials to create a fireplace to their tastes and wishes.


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